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Forest stars

Forest stars - bright watercolor, sokolova anna, night landscape, trees, magic, romantic mood

Noviy Arbat st., Moscow

Noviy Arbat st., Moscow - bright watercolor, cityscape, russian streets, evening, lights, rain

Krimskiy bridge. Moscow

Krimskiy bridge - bright watercolor, cityscape, moscow, russian roads, night, lights, moscow university high-rise


Christmas - bright watercolor painting sale light snow


narcissus - flower bright watercolor sunshine light painting sale

Red flowers

Red flowers - bright watercolor painting sale river fatasy

Dandelion wine

Dandelion wine - bright watercolor painting sale dragonfly


Cassiopeia - bright watercolor stars painting sale sky night forest


Dandelion wine - bright watercolor, dragonfly, light

One more about love

One more about love - bright watercolor, light, ships, fireworks

Sri-Lanka, East cost

Sri-Lanka, East cost - bright watercolor, ocean villige, shore houses

Christmas etude

Christmas etude - bright watercolor, winter light, birds, forest

Maha Iogin Pilot Baba

Maha Iogin Pilot Baba - bright watercolor portrait, enlightment

San-Francisco, China-town

San-Francisco, China-town - watercolor city sketch, bright town


Creation - bright watercolor, ocean wave, light


Loved - bright watercolor portrait, pelican

Indian New year

Indian New year - bright watercolor paintings, houses, palm trees, light

Ocean wave

Ocean wave - bright watercolor painting, sea, lighthouse

California, Redwood

California, Redwood - bright watercolor painting, forest light


Orchids - bright watercolor painting, picture of flowers, happiness


April - brightwatercolor landscape, panting, mountains, spring flowers

Switzerland, Ticino

Switzerland, Ticino - bright watercolor landscape, mountains, bridge, light, forest

San-Francisco, Seaport

San-Francisco, Seaport - bright watercolor landscape, lantern, ships, painting

Lake house

Lake house - bright watercolor landscape, autumn forest, painting, light


Shaman - bright watercolor, portrait, eagle, painting

Red sunflower

Red sunflower - bright watercolor, automn painting, flower, mood

Fisherman house

Fisherman house - bright watercolor landscape, sea, ocean, painting, lightness


Catcher - bright watercolor painting, ocean, fisherman